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Concrete Blonde's Snappy Beginnings

Snappy beginnings? Watch this snappy video from 1986. Power pop with Concrete Blonde's edgy young Johnette Napolitano as she first ices the deck then skates right through not a few of us old coot dance punks still prowling about. For those who remember those grinning days with a bit of sweat on our brow, let's just say, this group's Still in Hollywood is just a tease for what's to come in the early Nineties...

Anybody not chewing the cud knew by then that girls could rock like Elvis and right from the start, they were as punk as they wanted to be. But I'll be honest, I didn't discover Concrete Blonde until sometime in 2003 when I first launched Radio Scenewash and I think it was Andy Corrigan who gave me a stack of CD's which included the soundtrack of the David Lynch 1997 film—Lost Highway.

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