Month: December 2013

Fighting FCC Radio Censorship

Tuesday Magazine The Signal (Georgia State University's on-campus newspaper) "WRFG Starts Censorship Forum" Copyright 1988 ARLADEAN ARNSON/THE SIGNAL any experts and observers agree that because of the more social agenda of the Reagan administration, a rising tide of censorship is sweeping the country. Incidents such as the Parents Music Resource Center holding hearings attacking the …

RSN Vault Boasts Over 18K Tracks & Counting

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ith over 18K tracks, each screaming, winking, grumbling, laughing, yelling, moaning, whimpering, whistling, cooing from 1927-2013, "Choose me, choose me!" there is never a dull moment in the RSN studio. The Radio Scenewash Network was launched as a work of the heart at 11:02 PM on Jul 2, 2003 with a guarantee of 40-plus hours …

Why Radio Scenewash?

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istory rarely whispers, except backstage where it belongs. It screams, long, loud, gut-wrenching, soul-blinding screams. Then roars forth in silence, abrupt like sleepers who fall deaf to the sand, gone as quickly as a three minute song. Then creep more whispers. So, we defy our conscience, linger a little longer for more. Need a few …