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RSN Vault Boasts Over 18K Tracks & Counting

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ith over 18K tracks, each screaming, winking, grumbling, laughing, yelling, moaning, whimpering, whistling, cooing from 1927-2013, "Choose me, choose me!" there is never a dull moment in the RSN studio. The Radio Scenewash Network was launched as a work of the heart at 11:02 PM on Jul 2, 2003 with a guarantee of 40-plus hours …

Why Radio Scenewash?

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istory rarely whispers, except backstage where it belongs. It screams, long, loud, gut-wrenching, soul-blinding screams. Then roars forth in silence, abrupt like sleepers who fall deaf to the sand, gone as quickly as a three minute song. Then creep more whispers. So, we defy our conscience, linger a little longer for more. Need a few …

Welcome to RSN's Music For A Slaughtering Tribe

Music For A Slaughtering Tribe

he Radio Scenewash Network was launched on July 2, 2003, and billed as Music For The New American Patriot. We feel the Patriot was still in its freeform infancy, when the plug was pulled in June, 2009. Having already programmed some 40 plus hours of no repeat metal, rock, punk, industrial goth, hip hop, r&b, …