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Concrete Blonde's Snappy Beginnings

nappy beginnings? Watch this snappy video from 1986. Power pop with Concrete Blonde's edgy young Johnette Napolitano as she first ices the deck then skates right through not a few of us old coot dance punks still prowling about. For those who remember those grinning days with a bit of sweat on our brow, let's just say, this group's Still …

The Gaslight Anthem's Brian Fallon Mooks The Replacements


y latest obsession is hearing and following the renaissance of 1970s-styled rock poets and musically innovative bands winning the hearts and minds of music ticket buyers everywhere. Among the classiest of these bands is The Gaslight Anthem, and Brian Fallon is their poet laureate. In 2008, The Gaslight Anthem released The '59 Sound LP, their …