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RSN Vault Boasts Over 18K Tracks & Counting

Our Original BannerWith over 18K tracks, each scream­ing, wink­ing, grum­bling, laugh­ing, yelling, moan­ing, whim­per­ing, whistling, coo­ing from 1927–2013, “Choose me, choose me!” there is nev­er a dull moment in the RSN stu­dio.

The Radio Sce­newash Net­work was launched as a work of the heart at 11:02 PM on Jul 2, 2003 with a guar­an­tee of 40-plus hours non-repeat play 24–7‑365 of music for the new Amer­i­can patri­ot until the plug was final­ly pulled in finan­cial ruin on June 15, 2009.

Gabriel Thy worked under the DJ name—Fatz Bullwinkle—from the start. With a heavy empha­sis on social calami­ty, polit­i­cal, philo­soph­i­cal, punk, goth, indus­tri­al goth, with smat­ter­ings of clas­sic rock, old coun­try & west­ern, folk, earl rock & roll, plus oth­er odd melod­ic choic­es, RSN’s most notable lis­ten­er type was fre­quent­ly a Euro­pean who stayed whole days at a time for weeks even months before mov­ing on.

Gabriel Thy

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Why Radio Scenewash?

Support Digital RadioHisto­ry rarely whis­pers, except back­stage where it belongs. It screams, long, loud, gut-wrench­ing, soul-blind­ing screams. Then roars forth in silence, abrupt like sleep­ers who fall deaf to the sand, gone as quick­ly as a three minute song. Then creep more whis­pers. So, we defy our con­science, linger a lit­tle longer for more. Need a few tips for lis­ten­ing (in an inter­view with the SWORG cast)..but we final­ly real­ize it’s been an awe­some first few months on the air as we con­tin­ue to wel­come new “big chunk” Radio Sce­newash stream­ers every day from the five awak­en­ing counter-civ­i­liz­ing con­ti­nents, for bet­ter or for worse.

Tip one. Join­ing the Broad­band Inter­net Radio Rev­o­lu­tion is an AWESOME EVENT, and hacks quick­ly past all the blood and guts chat­ter cir­cu­lat­ing among the man­i­festo lads. Grass roots radio is a nat­ur­al byprod­uct of our razzmataz con­sumer-soaked soci­ety, and we’re boot­ing up for the ulti­mate chal­lenge.

Two ques­tions. Can fan broad­cast­ing sur­vive? Why Radio Sce­newash? Answers. Yes, and because. Because we’re a loose group of frank and force­ful mul­ti-media artists ripped from the head­lines of our gen­er­a­tion. Because we’re steady, unbe­grudg­ing sol­diers of that frank art. Because we’re ground­ed here in Wash­ing­ton, DC, where heads of state roam, and states of head rock. Because DC is also home to the filthy lucre legal squad lot of the RIAA. Because we broad­cast freely at our own cost to any­one in the whole wide world with 64kbps of band­width mus­cle with a pulse to match that mus­cle. Because we OWN or BORROW every bit of music we broad­cast. Because we rock and roll with HISTORY!

Tip Two. Kick the Sce­newash Project URL here and there to any­one who can pass muster on the chal­leng­ing nature of our broad­cast,” growls an irri­tat­ed Fatz, nurs­ing his rot­ting left jaw.

Gabriel Thy

Music For A Slaughtering Tribe

Welcome to RSN’s Music For A Slaughtering Tribe

Music For A Slaughtering TribeThe Radio Sce­newash Net­work was launched on July 2, 2003, and billed as Music For The New Amer­i­can Patri­ot. We feel the Patri­ot was still in its freeform infan­cy, when the plug was pulled in June, 2009. Hav­ing already pro­grammed some 40 plus hours of no repeat met­al, rock, punk, indus­tri­al goth, hip hop, r&b, ska, folk, elec­tron­ic, some jazz, news reel, and spo­ken word mate­r­i­al drawn from the 1920s for­ward, the bulk of air­play how­ev­er is devot­ed to 70s-80s pro­to punk and its old­er sib­lings, where melody and beat meets lyric, his­to­ry meets time­less­ness, and new clas­sics crys­tal­lize with every jux­ta­po­si­tionrequire for six years, we have missed the thrill of dig­i­tal broad­cast­ing, but it does require cash for roy­al­ties, band­width. Our tastes are eclec­tic, and we much pre­fer mix­ing it up to mim­ic the thrash and bro­mide of the REAL WORLD in con­flict and resolve, thus mir­ror­ing the stone­ground sound­track stomp­ing through the blood-washed stalls of our own bit­ter­sweet heads than gen­re­walling. Don’t delay. Grab your own adjec­tives. Tune into the Sce­newash lega­cy today. Mean­while, we dig­i­tize, we real­ize, we sound the charges of rock-n-roll dis­guise. Peace and ram­parts…

So, as we build this web site to cap­ture the his­to­ry of our lis­ten­ing pre-RSN era, dur­ing the hey day, and post-RSN, we look for­ward to res­ur­rect the radio sta­tion in bring­ing you our most charis­mat­ic tracks sus­pi­cious­ly dubbed—Music For A Slaugh­ter­ing Tribe.