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20090313-radio1This is the section you've been waiting for, now isn't it? Boom. Bury your eyes here as you bury your ears in your jam. You're in luck because we have charts that will curl your nose and starch your courts, so yeah, this is where you start your digging, your disagreements, your vital research, your next party playlist. Sure, so our Radio Scenewash ear-tickler buffet offers up something a bit different than the strict genre listener might be looking for. This is the RSN list, the published Top 100 Songlist for each year in the fan life of RSN-GT and it changes every day, albeit very slowly with some 25,000 tracks already in the mix. Because while I continue to work myself to oblivion, I listen to wonderful tracks most of the working day, and sometimes I even whistle. I will post other lists, including our top 10K, top albums, tracks with writing credits, maybe a few reviews, et cetera, but it all takes time, and this is a late approach. Old Gray Nostrils at the helm.

The following chart has been notated with tags. The untagged cells represent linked charts that are currently available only on personal iTunes software, awaiting long, slow conversion to the WordPress format we use. This is most of them as of January 1, 2018. Green tags Top 100+ represent finished or charts with at least 100 entries.

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