All-Time Top 1000

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The Name­sake

RSN All-Time Top 1000
List cre­at­ed by Gabriel Thy

The beau­ti­ful baby boy from Fort Laud­erdale is still chew­ing on his pla­cen­ta, but he is already rock­ing, and I’m not speak­ing metaphor­i­cal­ly. Nope, those tiny red hands and feet and head are reel­ing and a rockin’ back and forth in the crazy cry­ing rhymes and rhythms of what already is the his­toric roll & rock age.

This hard­ly exhaus­tive list scans the Radio Sce­newash Net­work’s Top 1000 of All-Time, trac­ing the post-war inven­tive peri­od which dri­ves pop­u­lar music deep­er into the mash­ing of old­er black rhythm & blues music and musi­cians, merg­ing with a sud­den wave of young white per­former, elec­tric gui­tars, fast cars, the race to out­er space, atom­ic mon­sters in the night, Jack­son Pol­lock­’s drip paint­ings, and smash­ing young girls com­bin­ing to launch the rock era of Elvis and the Bea­t­les as well as the folk era of Bob Dylan, the advent of met­al rock with Jimi Hen­drix, and onto the won­ders of six decades, all nat­ur­al inher­i­tors of the wind the rhythm and blues mas­ters had left them.

No. Time Name Artist Plays Genre Year
1 3:06 The Sound Of Silence Simon & Gar­funkel 436 Rock 1965
2 3:52 Pos­i­tive­ly 4th Street Bob Dylan 413 Rock 1965
3 11:21 Des­o­la­tion Row Bob Dylan 399 Folk 1965
4 4:12 She’s a Rain­bow Rolling Stones 388 Rock 1967
5 2:54 San Fran­cis­co Scott MacKen­zie 386 Pop 1968
6 3:13 A Change Is Gonna Come Sam Cooke 344 R&B 1964
7 3:23 Abra­ham Mar­tin & John Dion 343 R&B 1968
8 7:22 You Can’t Always Get What You Want Rolling Stones 339 Rock 1969
9 5:11 The Box­er Simon & Gar­funkel 337 Rock 1969
10 6:01 Hey Jude Bea­t­les 332 Rock 1968

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